Tarja Huuskonen

Tarja is the founder and CEO of Action for Results, Inc, a consulting company dedicated to advancing Life Sciences innovation by building new capabilities and connections. Tarja’s authentic approach as a leader, and her courage to bridge humanity and corporate strategy, have made her a sought after public speaker and advisor for personal and corporate transformations. Always a practioner of profound curiosity, she became her own research subject after suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm — a near-death event and recovery that she describes as her underground study in patient centricity and resilience. As a health activist, she now speaks about her own experience as a survivor in order to break barriers that make it difficult for patients to find hope and reenter life after injury. Tarja makes her home in the beautiful coastal mountains near Ojai, CA, where the breeze from the ocean cools of the nights and the star-lit skies remind her of her childhood home in Finland.